Captivating my heart from the start.  Your gentle words forever touched my heart. That first moment I was scared to love you.  Scared for my heart and the scars and bruises it endured.  Now, day-to-day I’m blessed to have you. My heart is all mended. From the love you’ve shown. I care for you so much and I appreciate all that you do. From day one you always stayed true. Nothing in this world could ever replace what I feel. I hope that you know that these feelings are real. Lusting for your love is like grasping for air.  My heart lights up when I know you’re there to care. Moments with you are so special and true.  Heaven only knows my heart calls for you.  When the world seems unfair. I’ll be the one daring to care.  If love asked a question, why does he love me?  I know the truth is within me and I would never deceive to only believe that you have always loved me.  Forever no more will I have to search.  My journey is over.  I’ve finally found my true love, my soul mate.  I feel this may be fate.

Living is a precious gift, so, go live life to the fullest and give that gift to someone along the way.
Tyannia Foster

This is no ordinary love sound.  Two hearts one beat.  Two notes one sound.

For my every down beat you are always my upbeat.  The Whispers of your sweet words makes my heart do staccatos. 

Touches from your strong steady hands, makes my body tremble with those strong lustful vibrations. 

Inspirations of soulful connecting notes like two bodies pressed silently together.

Your fingers are like keys on my piano.  Playing each note with care.

Your lovemaking is my chorus.  Your passionate will to please is my verse.

When I close my eyes I memorize your sharp notes and major love scale.  Having your love is like playing a piece of my favorite music. 

Believing is seeing the possible.  You are my Belief, you’re my Sight and you make me realize the impossible.

Corrective Notes, Soothing sounds and graceful lines that run around your body.

Solid mind, Baron-toned soul and scattering melodies.

My off keys are no match unless I have my balance of harmony.

1,2,3 you are part of me as I am of you.  You are the truth of me.

Harmony and Melody, “Love Tempo”


Pat Benatar - Love is a Battlefield
Jordan Sparks - Battlefield
Leading with a pen and paper is leading with the power to speak
Tyannia Foster
Travie McCoy [Feat. Bruno Mars] - Billionaire